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Jan. 12th, 2011

I miss the true burn of cheap vodka. I hate having to worry about tomorrow. I want simplicity, I liked knowing what is coming no matter what. Becoming an adult, being an adult is nothing like I thought it would be. It's not even that it is hard (though it is)...it's more that it takes everything out of me. I cannot find a balance, I have no fun because I am always working,and when not working I am trying to get the energy to go back to work. I have things happening this coming this weekend and it scares me because I need energy for the next work week.
I hate living for work...this is not what I wanted
I wanted to work to live and right now I am living to work. Not What I Dreamed

Trigger Happy Past

Listening to my zune and the freshmen by the verve pipe came on and I had a flashback to high school. I can see Jamison playing the guitar and the tech crew sitting around and singing this song. I had fun that night, Monday I begin another brainless job. How far I have come. Sadly I want to be that sure again. For all who want to know, adulthood sucks.


once upon a time, upon an age, upon a place
I have been reading Francesca Lia Block in preparation of Juli's wedding. Reading all the books I can remember reading with her during high school, I even watched Annie, painful play I was in at the beginning of our friendship.
I had forgotten the mood Miss. Block places me in. Dreamy and romantic. Everything That I was worried about drifts away into a fantasy and makes me happy. I am glad that I refuse to throw away books that I get, no matter how I grow out of them.
This book makes me feel that everything is lovely and faded, an old movie and beautiful song. Something I sit a cry through and love.
I feel connected to all those things I wish I had faith in and I love it. Magic and love and pleasure it all tangible. I can reach out and touch everything I want to be real.
It takes me to a place the is secure and happy and hopeful.
Mark Sheppard
- Warehouse 13
- Dollhouse 13
- Firefly
Jared Padelecki
-Gilmore Girls
Mila Vetimiglia
-Gilmore Girls
Kelly Bishop
-Dirty Dancing
-Gilmore girls
Edward Herrman
-The Lost Boys
-Gilmore Girls
Eddie McClintock
-Warehouse 13

This is only A1...im to lazy to go through everything at once

I Know...

I only update this thing to tell people what to see or what I just saw but here is yet another one.

yea, crazy

Louis Garrel

'nuff said



So I finally bit the bullet and went to see inception. I wasn't going to because I was so burned by DiCaprio's last movie, and lord knows I was a huge DiCaprio fan...ever sense I saw Romeo & Juliet. Shutter Island was just so disappointing and predictable. So I was going to wait until it came out on DVD and I wouldn't have to pay $8 to see it. We were going to see The Last Airbender, but the free ticket we had couldn't be used for 3D flicks and we really wanted to use the ticket so Inception it was.
Man was I surprised. Inception was great, as good as Shutter Island was bad, it didn't ruin Ellen Page for me at all. That and it had the guy who played scarecrow from the batman movies, Cillian Murphy (yes I had to look that up). I am also a fan of the guy who played Arthur and Micheal Cain...Yea know, the whole cast was awesome, there is really no need to list them all.
So all I wanna say is thank you Chris Nolan for redeeming one of my favorite actors. And I am glad this happened quickly, not like David Boreanaz, after he left Buffy I couldn't watch a show with him. I only just go into Bones and got over that trauma.

I am THAT person

I read a lot so when a book makes it to movies or tv i judge...a lot
and i hate to be that person, but sadly i am
the book.tv based entertainment i am excited to see..
the last air bender based on avatar the last air bender: i watched that cartoon, until he needed fire bending training. thats when i really stopped caring.
the sorcerer's apprentice...i dont even know what to say
true blood...i read sookie stackhouse and the last 2 books were...ehhhh, and i have no idea how they are gonna translate the next few books, especially the semi-incoherent ones.
and now they are doing the immortal weapons...i mean they are apparently optioning cassandra clair's book. i have been reading her since i got into F.F. I have her writing saved and I dread to think what they will do with her writing.
cameron or bruckheimer...please make sure the movies does not shame the book